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10 pack Vigilante Helikite Spare Balloons

10 pack Vigilante Helikite Spare Balloons


The Vigilante Helikite has a full cover and is used for agriculture and horticulture and landfill birds scaring. The Vigilante kit is besy in cooler condictions or when extra protection for the inner balloon is needed. 10 pack of spare balloons

The Vigilante Helikite is the primary Helikite birdscarer. Thousands have been sold to arable farmers, fruit growers and other satisfied customers worldwide. A unique combination of kite, helium balloon and protective balloon cover the Vigilante Helikite flies up to 200 feet with up to 20 mph or without any wind to scare birds over areas as large as 25 acres. The hovering Helikite mimics the action of birds of prey as it moves around the sky. The Vigilante Helikite will come down in the rain but the unique protective cover protects the balloon from punctures until it dries out and automatically re-launches itself again. They are very frugal with helium – only using a few pence worth of the gas per day. The disposable inner balloons tend to last about 3 to 4 weeks before they wear out. Then they can be replaced very quickly. Vigilante Helikites are easy to transport in cars and can be stored anywhere. They are tough and well suited to their rough lives on farms worldwide. 



  • Wild hawk predators constantly reinforce natural fear
  • Controls areas Up to 10 Ha. (25 Acres)
  • Controls all wild birds
  • No shooting required


  • No complaints about noise

Low Cost:

  • Low cost to buy and run per acre


  • Very predictable area of control

Long Term Control

  • Very low habituation
  • Environmentally friendly
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