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What does the law say and what is the most humane ways of eradicating or deterring birds?

In England you are not allowed to kill or capture wild birds, or damage their eggs and nests to prevent unless you have a licence from Natural England.


All wild birds in England are protected by law.

How can you eradicate or deter without birds licence?

Try using standard bird management options before considering applying for a licence to kill them.

You should try:

  • scaring the birds away using hawk kites is a humane and safe and easy way to repel birds.

  • restricting access to food sources

  • stopping birds from roosting or nesting on your buildings or land by removing easy access if possible.

  •  by putting netting over vulnerable areas

  • managing nearby habitat to make it less attractive to birds

  • maintaining a human presence around the site to deter birds

  • using physical barriers to keep birds away

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