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5 MetrE Pro 

  • 5 Metre Glass Fibre Pole - maximum 25mph Winds

  • Glass Fibre Support Stake

  • Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite

  • 75 KG Breaking strength line

Peregrine Pro 5 Metre kit.png

HAWK KITE. This Hawk kite is great for Farmers, Gardeners and People who want to protect their ponds and allotments from unwanted bird of prey visitors.



PACKAGE CONTAINS: Hawk-Kite; 5 Metre Glass-fibre Telescopic Pole in five-sections; Flying Line  Support Stake.

Glass Fibre Poles must be taken down in 25 MPH Winds or they can form fractures.


YOU MAY NEED TO SHORTEN THE LINE TO THE KITE TO PREVENT IT FROM HITTING THE GROUND.  You can do this by cutting the line and then making a loop for the swivel/clip to attach to, the same as the existing loop on the end of the line.  (Any queries, please call us!)

1. Take pole; pull out rubber plug and extend each section, giving a little twist to secure in place, then put on the ground.

2. Clip the kite to the end of the flying line whilst the pole is still lying on the ground, and unravel the line, being careful not to tangle it!

3. Clip other end of the line to the end of the pole, onto the metal tip.

4. Secure the support stake in the ground or to a solid structure, so that at least 2/3rds of the stake is exposed for the pole to slip over.
5. Unscrew the hard plastic cap on the bottom of the pole, bend the hose over at the top of the support stake and slip the pole over the Support Stake.


The solid Support Stake is very strong, but also flexible enough to protect the pole from the shock effect of sudden gusts during winds. If you just strap the pole to a solid object such as a fence post or chimney breast (very tempting) the pole will always break sooner or later in a gale - even without a kite attached, though its lightweight enough to be deployed from a high place, such as a roof or chimney e.g. 
If you do not use the support stake with the pole, you will NOT be

entitled to a refund or replacement if damage to any part should occur as a consequence.

* If you are operating on concrete, a rooftop, or decking, a steel parasol base or an old tyre + heavy brick can be used as a base. It can be
re-positioned as necessary.  Make sure it is the Support Stake that you put into the parasol base or tyre, not the pole. The Support Stake can be made wider to fit the parasol base with gaffer tape or pipe insulation. If you want to use a railing or fence-post as a support, then tape or strap the lower 1/3rd of the
Support Stake to the railing. Then slip the pole over the top 2/3rd of the Support Stake and secure the Pole.


If you find the kite wraps around the pole, try angling the support stake/pole at a 45 degree angle.



Read and obey all these safety instructions before use.

This Hawk-Kite is not a toy and is not intended for use by children.

Obey all local, state or federal laws relating to flying balloons in your area.

If possible never put up a Hawk-Kite during electrical storms as it may conduct lightning down the line. If the Hawk-Kite is up during an electrical storm do not go near it until the storm is over.

Ensure that no power-lines, telephone wires, trees, obstructions, animals or people can come near the Hawk-Kite or Pole anywhere it could possibly fly. Consider changes in wind direction! Keep well away from power lines as these are inspected regularly by helicopters. Do not fly near crop-sprayers or any low flying aircraft.

In Britain do not fly the Hawk-Kite within 5 Kilometres of an airfield without air traffic control permission. In the USA do not fly within 5 miles of an airfield without air traffic permission. Maximum height allowed is 60 metres in Britain. Overseas users should check their local kite flying      regulations.

Wear gloves when handling the line to avoid it cutting hands.



Hawk Kite Bird Scarer Kit - Bird Deterrent. Where to Use. Brassicas, cover crops, grass seeds, vineyards, fish lakes, allotments.


All 5 metre and 7 metre glass fibre poles along with kites must be taken down in winds over 25mph.

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