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What are the differences between Peregrine Pro Hawk Kites and Eco Kites?

Peregrine Size vs Eco Kite
Peregrine Pro Bird Scarer
Eco Kite Front
Spar size difference between kites
Peregrine ferrule

Peregrine Pro kites and Eco Kites, what are the differences?


  • Peregrine Pro kite is 1 metre and 40 cm across at the wing span.

  • Eco kite is 98cm across the wing span.


  • Peregrine Pro is gold in colour with a grey bib, highlights of black, white and gold Kevlar.

  • Eco kite is medium brown with black highlights.

Launch Winds:

  • Peregrine Pro flies aggressively and only takes 2 mph wind the launch, other kites take 4mph. The Peregrine Pro kite will fly in winds up to 40mph.

  • Eco Kite does not fly aggressively it flies like a children's kite, and takes 4mph to launch, it will fly in winds up to 25mph.


  • Peregrine Pro is made from heavy duty but lightweight rip stop materials used for making aerostats. Connectors are stainless steel and heavy duty brass. Spars are made from carbon fibre, flight line is dyneema. These kites are hand made in the UK.

  • Eco kite is a  nylon material and has plastic spars and small brass ferrules. These kites are manufactured in China.


  • Peregrine Pro Kite is designed to mimic a peregrine falcon.

  • Eco Kite is a children's kite that looks similar in colour to a falcon. 

The Peregrine Pro must not be used as a children's kite, it is not a toy and flies very aggressively.

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