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Identifying Problem Gulls in UK

Gulls are instinctively scared away by the Peregrine Hawk Kite.


Herring Gull

The stereotypical gull. Adults are told from most gulls by their large size, pale grey upper parts and pink legs. In summer they have a white head, which develops dark streaking in winter.

Lesser Black-Backed Gull

Similar size to a herring gull, but often slightly smaller. Adults are recognised by their slate-grey upper parts (contrasting with blacker wing-tips) and bright yellow legs.


Great Black-Backed Gull

The world's largest gull! Distinguished by huge size, heavy bill and large square head that makes the eye seem small and beady. Adults have blackish upper parts and pale pinkish legs.

Common Gull

Like a much smaller, cuter version of a herring gull. Adults have pale grey upper parts, yellow-green legs, a dark eye and a thin yellow bill. The legs and bill are duller in winter, when the head is streaked grey.

Black-headed Gull -summer

Smaller than most gulls in the UK. Adults have pale grey upper parts and dark reddish legs and bill. In summer the head is dark brown (not actually black!). In flight, look for a distinctive white leading edge to the wing, visible at some distance.

Black Headed Gull - winter

In winter the head is mostly white, with dark smudges on the ears and above the eyes. The bill also develops a dark tip. 

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