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6.25 MetrE Pro 

  • 6.25 Metre Aluminium Pole - maximum 40 mph Winds

  • Glass Fibre Support Stake

  • Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite

  • 75 KG Breaking strength line

6.25 Peregrine Pro kit.png

Peregrine Pro HAWK-KITE + 6.25  Metre Aluminium Pole INSTRUCTIONS


The Aluminium Pole is 6.25 Metres Tall.


Lay out both sections, from the packet, on the ground 5 sections in total.

Slot the subsections into each other, alternating from each main section (one from the left with the other one from the right and so on...)

Ideally grease the joints before pulling tight to ease dismantling the pole when no longer in use

Attach the kite line to top ring of the pole

“Walk” pole upright and secure with tape and/or rope to post or solid upright structure

Attach the kite to the silver clip the end of line and release to fly

Adjust the line as needed by cutting and re-attaching.



Do not use kite and pole in winds above force 5 – 6

Do not use during electrical storms

Do not use near overhead wires

Aluminium Poles must be taken down in 40MPH Winds. If used in high winds (over 25mph) the top sections must be glued or taped together so they can not pull apart.

For easier installation, you can run a line through the centre of the pole and attach a nut at the top so it doesn’t pull through and drill a hole at the bottom to tie off the line. This holds the pipe together.


If you have issues with the kite wrapping itself around the pole, try putting the pole at an angle so the kite doesn’t dangle near the pole when there is no wind.

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