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20 pack Lightweight Helikite Spare balloons

20 pack Lightweight Helikite Spare balloons


Lightweight Helikite Bird Scarer. Used in Vinyards and for horticulture/agriculture.

20 pack of spare Lightweight Helikite bird scare balloons.

The Lightweight Helikite protects crops with good crop cover such as peas or laid cereals. They are also suitable for use in hot climates on all fruit, vegetable and arable crops. The silver Mylar balloon of the Lightweight Helikite is exposed, but it is still strong enough for many uses. The balloon is held onto the kite with straps. This means it is very lightweight and so flies better in extremely hot conditions and around buildings. Lightweight Helikites require no adjustment and fly happily in winds up to 25 mph (Force 6) in hot or cold climates. Lightweight Helikites are not as tough as Vigilante Helikites so Lightweight Helikites cannot be used on winter crops overnight or anywhere they are likely to come down onto bare ground when wet. To counter this problem, Lightweight Helikites can be used with our optional 42 foot tall, aluminium Helikite Poles on landfill sites, factory rooftops and feedlots.  Like any Helikites they are superb at scaring problem birds over vast areas. 


  • Wild hawk predators constantly reinforce natural fear
  • Controls areas Up to 10 Ha. (25 Acres)
  • Controls all wild birds
  • No shooting required


  • No complaints about noise

Low Cost:

  • Low cost to buy and run per acre


  • Very predictable area of control

Long Term Control

  • Very low habituation
  • Environmentally friendly
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