5 Metre Peregrine Pro Bird Scare Kite, glass fibre pole

5 Metre Peregrine Pro Bird Scare Kite, glass fibre pole


5 Metres Glass fibre pole Pro kit comes with 7 metre glass fibre pole, Peregrine Pro kite, 75 kg  breaking strength flying line and instructions. A favorite of home users.

Highly detailed & realistic hawk mimic kite. Flies at twice the height of the pole. Exploits bird pests instinctive fear of hawks and is Very Effective & Silent. 

No Running Costs. Our bird kites are Hand Made in England with high quality materials.


The Peregrine Pro bird scare kite is 1 metre 40 cm across the wingspan and flies agressively, unlike normal kites or kites that look like a falcon.

Our bird scarers are environmentally safe and harmless to birds.

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Peregrine Pro Hawk Kite is trade mark protected.

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Sold & shipped worldwide. Used professionally by museums, hotels, resorts, vineyards, agriculture and industrial estates.

We are currently looking for dealers in Scandinavia , the Mediterranean and Caribbean areas.  Please  inquire for more information.