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Professional 6.25 Metre Peregrine Pro Bird Scare Kite

Professional 6.25 Metre Peregrine Pro Bird Scare Kite

SKU: 62501

6.25 Pro kit comes with 6.25 Metre Very Strong Aluminium Pole/Spinning Anti-Tangle Top, Peregrine Pro kite, 75kg breaking strength flying line and instructions. A favorite of pest control installers. 100% made in England.

Highly detailed & realistic hawk mimic kite. Flies at twice the height of the pole. Exploits bird pests instinctive fear of hawks and is Very Effective & Silent. 

No Running Costs. Our bird kites are Hand Made in England with high quality materials.


The 6.26 metre alumium pole comes in 5 sections that slot into each other. This bird scare kite comes with 6.25 metre  duty pole, 75 KG breaking strength flying line, spinning anti tangle top, kite with carbon fibre spars and instructions. This pole is bolted directly to a secure fixute like fence post or building. The flying line is aproximatly 1 metre shorter than the pole.  


The Peregrine Pro bird scare kite is 1 metre 40 cm across the wingspan and flies agressively, unlike normal kites or kites that look like a falcon.

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